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News / MUGEN Network News
1. Registration is now open 11-05-2009. 2nd International MUGEN Conference on Animal Models for Human Immunological Disease, 8-10 October, Athens, Greece MUGEN Workshop on Immune Mouse Phenotyping, 6-8 October 2009, Athens, Greece
2. IKK1 coordinates multiple BAFF-R-mediated pathways controlling B cell homeostasis 19-01-2009. MUGEN participants K. Rajewsky (CBR) and M. Pasparakis (Uni. Koeln) show in their recent paper in PNAS that BAFF-induced signaling pathways are mediated by BAFF-R and represent previously unknown arms of I kappa B kinase (IKK)1-dependent signaling.
3. NF-B inhibition protects mice from atherosclerosis 19-01-2009. MUGEN participants M. Pasparakis (Uni. Koeln) and G. Kollias (Fleming) find evidence that endothelial NF-B signaling orchestrates proinflammatory gene expression at the arterial wall and promotes the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis.
4. sPLA2-IID is a novel effector of regulatory T cells 03-06-2009. MUGEN partner Martin Bachmann's group at Cytos Biotechnology shed light to the mechanism of action of Tregs. The researchers show that secreted phospholipase A2 is selectively produced by natural Tregs and acts as a potent suppressor of T cell activation both in vitro and in vivo. The results will be published in the upcoming issue of PNAS
5. MUGEN Partners dissect TRADD function 29-07-2008. MUGEN Partners M. Pasparakis (KOELN) , J. Tschopp (UNIL) and G. Kollias (FLEMING) join forces to dissect the function of TNFR1-associated death domain protein (TRADD) in TNFR1 signaling and TRIF-dependent inflammatory responses.
6. 2nd MUGEN Newsletter 07-07-2008. The 2nd MUGEN Newsletter (view pdf) is now released.

7. Novel more efficient therapeutic approaches against Crohn's disease 06-05-2008. Using a unique murine model for human Crohn's disease, MUGEN's NoE participants [G. Kollias, D. Kontoyiannis (Fleming), W. Mller (HZI), B. Malissen (CNRS]) identified key molecules that control T lymphocyte migration to the small intestine.
8. 2nd MUGEN Phenotyping Technological Workshop 09-04-2008. The MUGEN management office would like to announce the first call for the 2nd MUGEN Phenotyping Technological Workshop. The workshop will take place at Manchester University on the 16th and 17th of June 2008 at the University of Manchester.
9. The future of gene therapy compromised? 20-03-2008. Lausanne, 12 March 2008. MUGEN participant Professor Jurg Tschopp and his colleagues have reported that activation of the inflammasome, a multi-protein complex involved in the innate immune response against many pathogens, is also important for the generation of an effective inflammatory response to adenoviruses and other DNA viruses.
10. SET-Routes (pan-European network of women scientists) 12-03-2008. SET-Routes is a pan-European network of women scientists from PhD students to institute directors, working in some of the most challenging areas of science: bioinformatics, particle physics, space science, robotics and molecular medicine.
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